Cellulite-The greatest fear of any women around the world, no women wish to have the ugly looking “cottage cheese” appearance on their bodies. Cellulite is the unusual deposition of fat above the ‘fascia’. It causing dimpling or ripples on the skin. Commonly seen on the thighs and buttocks of women irrespective of their ages and weight. Resulting from the malfunctioning of the ‘venolymphatic system’. The difference in the distribution of fatty cells connective tissues and muscle, between the skin of men and women, makes it prone to be found among women. As women’s skin is much thinner than male, the ‘septae’ is less tightly placed and fewer among women due to which fat deposits forces causing deformity in tissues connected below the skin resulting to bulginess and lumpiness between the connective tissues. Dermatologists referred cellulite as ‘EEP’- Edematous Fibrosclerotic Panniculopathy.

The holistic approach to the best cellulite treatments are as follows:

1. RADIO FREQUENCY THERAPY (R.F.) to remove Cellulite :

Radio frequency Therapy is the most novel, holistic approach to ‘non-surgical’ therapy for cellulite. The Radio Frequency comprises a low frequency that heats up fat layers beneath the skin and melts it down. It increases blood circulation and drains out fatty deposits through ‘lymphatic system’. R.F. boosts buildup of collagen-like other laser treatments that reduce appearance of cellulite temporarily. This therapy requires many sittings with dermatologists or cosmetologists.
Average cost/session: $15 – $30*


The treatment involves low powered, CO2 fractionated laser therapy. The eroded CO2 Laser transfers energy to layers line below the upper skin. This therapy, without injuring surface of the skin, stimulates development of new collagen. A layer of skin tissue is removed in a fraction. Usually done by removing ‘skin columns’, surrounding column remains intact for a quick recovery. Laser therapy aims the ‘resurfacing of skin’. It gives ‘gold standard’ results.
Average cost/session: $25 – $50*

3. MESOTHERAPY for Cellulite treatment :

Mesotherapy treatment involves procedure of injecting cocktails directly into affected tissue. The Cocktail solution that is injected should be a combination of Drainage(artichoke, gingko biloba), Lipolytic (L-carnite, caffeine, isoproterenol, thyroxine), Venostatic (rutin, aminophylline, pentoxiphylline), Anaesthetic ( procaine), connective tissue breakdown (collagenase, hyaluronidase). Multiple session with healthcare professionals is required to use these injections. The fat deposits are gradually flushed out of the body, barely reappears.
Average cost/session: $15 – $30*

Effective Cellulite Treatments to remove cellulite


The cryoprecipitate therapy involves a ‘non-surgical’ procedure removing fat along sides of body, lower abdomen. This therapy freezes fat cell ‘lipids’. Which gradually dissolves fat, not harming the surrounding not-affected tissues. Patients feel chilling cold sensation for the usage of maximum cold to compress the blood vessels. 3 sessions are required to reduce an inch of fat. The sittings are affordable with no pain.
Average cost/session: $10 – $20*


Cellulite reduction now, is included in the long list of Botox therapy. It is a “buzzword” for all cosmetic procedure.The Botulinum Toxin injections are commonly known as ‘Botox injections’ paralyzes the muscle cells prohibiting nerves to transmit signals. The contraction of muscles will completely stop allowing cellulite affected area to be soft and relaxed. It requires two weeks to feel positive changes. Many celebrities choose Botox Injections nowadays to look younger and have a wrinkle-free skin.
Average cost/session: $25 – $50*


Retinal is a strong form of ‘Vitamin A’ belonging to the family of ‘retinoid’. This chemical compound’s molecular structure is small enough to pierce the upper layer of skin. After penetrating it repair inner layers. Retinol is safe and effective when used as ‘Retinyl Palmitate’. As it doesn’t convert into ‘Retinal Acid’ it is the most stable form of retinol. Use creams, lotions that comprises of at least 0.3% to 0.4% of ‘Retinyl Palmitate’ (may show variable results).
Average cost/session: $3 – $5*

Other than professional treatments you can adapt to the Natural Therapy to reduce cellulite:
1. Scrub with coffee grounds.
2. Seaweed wrap with a massage using Juniper and Tangerine oil.
3. Drink Lemon Juice with cayenne pepper.
4. Weight loss.
5. Exercising.
6. Jumping and using the lymphatic system.
7. Applying green clay on the skin to enliven lymph and blood flow.
8. The traces of calcium, potassium, and magnesium, present in Apple Cider Vinegar reduce cellulite.
9. Diet.
Diet,exercise, all non-evasive and cosmetic procedures followed together gives the best results.

*cost may vary depending upon the area involved.

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