Is Cellulite After Liposuction True?

Liposuction is one of the easiest treatments people undergo to free themselves from cellulite and because of fewer side effects, it is one of the safest treatments. However, some people complain of gaining the same mass and shape after the treatment. This article will reveal the reality behind cellulite after liposuction and suggest preventive measures if any.

How is cellulite removed via liposuction?

Liposuction is a procedure executed to free a particular area of the human body from fat cells because these cells are the primary culprit. During this procedure, a tube is inserted into the body and excess flab is sucked out. This procedure is generally done on thighs, buttocks, and legs because fat is quite dominant in these areas.

With minimal side effects, such as uneven skin and numbness, it is the recommended treatment to get rid of the extra weight-causing mass. After this treatment, the chances of you becoming chubby are minimum. The reason is that excessive flab beneath the skin triggers lumpiness and when this flab is removed, the formation of dimples is also obstructed.

What lies behind cellulite coming back after liposuction?

There are many people who are completely satisfied with this treatment they underwent but there are also some people who complain that cellulite removed through this technique returns after few months. The fact is that uneven or bumpy areas on the skin are not always cellulite after liposuction, dimples, and non-uniformity of the treated area is a common side effect after this procedure. Some reasons behind this misjudgment are:

• The scars and fixations after the tube insertion give rise to this misjudgment.

• When fat underneath the skin is removed, the formerly stretched skin pulls back, resulting in this worrisome confusion.

Because of complete removal of flab, people feel relieved till the next 12 months. The question arises, will history repeat? No, it is not necessary that the flab will come back but if you don’t change your diet plan and lifestyle after this treatment, maximum chances are that it will make a comeback. After this treatment, the fat comes back differently. It doesn’t accumulate in the treated region, it affects different area (mostly nearby areas).

Can cellulite after liposuction be prevented?

It is seen that fat returns after (approx.) 12 months only in those people who don’t make the much-required changes in their life. However, there are still few things one can do to minimize the chances of re-development of flab-causing cells in the body. They are:

• Daily and regular exercise will help you regain your skin’s elasticity and tone.

• A healthier lifestyle will help in minimizing the fat accumulation. Lumpiness or dimpling is formed when excessive flab exists below the skin. The less fat beneath the skin causes less formation of lumps.

• Try to avoid greasy foods because they cause the formation of fat cells.

Experts say that liposuction is not the permanent solution to get rid of fat but regular exercises and a healthy lifestyle after it surely makes it a permanent solution.

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